A.5. What rules do the members abide by in iPanel?

Any iPanel member must abide by the following rules:
 a. Free and Voluntary Membership Registration The membership registration in iPanel is completely on your own will and any native netizen who has reached 13 has the right to register in iPanel.

b. Detailed and Real Registration Information All the registering users must fill in real accurate personal information and no fabricating or using information of someone else in registration is allowed. We strictly verify the unreal information and if any is found we will clean all his/her points. Only members with real personal information obtain the final payment confirmation.

c. Carefulness and Liability in Activity Participation In different activities we provide, all the registered members must abide by the promises and carefully answer each question based on actuality or otherwise we will bring punishment such as points deletion, account deletion or etc according to seriousness.

d. Acception of Email Invitation as a Must Based on the personal information you fill in, survey invitations will be sent to your registration account and we hope you respond right after receiving to participate. Each survey invitation has its quota and your response decides whether our next one will be sent to you or not. Those who do not respond for over 10 times will be put into the inactive list and the system will automatically delete the accounts. Your responding speed decides whether you will receive more surveys or otherwise you will miss many surveys with high rewarding points and lucky draws we hold to reward the members.

e. No Spam Mail in Inviting Members Each registered user has a unique designated inviting link which you can send to your friends or relatives whose participation will bring more benefit to you. You will obtain rewarding points of a certain proportion from the surveys they take part in with the prerequisite that the invited members are real and valid (meaning that the registration information is real and valid and they have at least participated in one iPanel survey questionnaire), abiding by the rules and laws and no spamming. iPanel alliance popularization members are not allowed to cheat other netizens by fake information in propagating iPanel and for any of those propagating promises without the consent of iPanel we are not responsible.

f. Mandatory Realness and Validity of Payment Accounts In order to reduce the payment quantity of the payment personnel, we have set gifts with different payment types which our personnel execute within a week. Any payment failure caused by any error of the personal account information will not be dealt again by iPanel and the points will not be refunded in the failure.

g. Rule Infringement and Punishment 1. Inconformity between the Information Filled in the Questionnaire and That of Registration 2. Purposely Cheating, Damaging or Stealing of Others’ Accounts 3. Answering Time Being Too Short 4. Answering Carelessly without Judging 5. Cheating Using Technology

h. Questionnaire Confidentiality All the registered members must strictly keep the confidentiality of the surveys and are not allowed to publish or resend the answers by any means, copy questionnaire content or answer on other’s behalf without authorization. Any unauthorized copy or transfer of questionnaire content with reserved copy rights will bear legal liability.